meet sarah + jonah

This week I had the privilege of meeting a sweet friend + customer, Sarah. We met downtown at the waterfront near where I grew up. Over the next few hours, we drank coffee and I got to hear her story.


I met Sarah via Instagram a few months ago through some mutual friends. She has two boys: Garland (6-years-old)+ Jonah (9-months-old) (Garland wasn’t feeling up for taking photos) and is a stay-at-home mom. She grew up in a small town in North Carolina and married her high school sweetheart. They had their first boy and a two years before they got married and four years later they had their second. In the midst of all of this, Sarah got her Associates at a local community college and her husband went to school for aviation. Now her husband is a contracted sheet metal mechanic for the United States Coast Guard and the still live in the sweet small town.


When she is not homeschooling Garland or taking care of her nine-month-old, Jonah - she sews, cooks and spends time with her boys outdoors.

Over the past few years, Sarah said she struggled to find something refreshing to do during her “me” time. She said at one point she tried shopping and other various activities, but she came back exhausted. But then, she discovered sewing. This is what drew Sarah and I together. Over one of her first sewing adventures, she would message me her progress and ask for advice. She said sewing was finally something that felt like a restful activity, versus one more thing to do.

Cooking is another thing she loves to do. She said “I hardly ever cook the same thing twice or cook something the same way twice.” I sure wish I could do this! Think I would burn it ALL. Being only an hour from the beach, she loves to spend time in the sun with her family whenever time allows. Sarah is all around an amazing gal and mama.


As we continued talking she shared with me how life may not have gone as planned, but it all ended up working out and now she has two lovely boys and has found a hobby she loves.

It is always such an honor to hear your stories and get to spend time with your babes. Thank you, Sarah, for your time and love! What is your story? I would love to hear it. Shoot me an email and let's chat. #seababystories

Moriah Mattix