our top 5 summer wardrobe pieces (mama-style)

If you haven’t heard the trend #momuniform - it is a thing. But, I feel like most women have been living this trend for the past decade, but didn’t bother to write a hashtag about it. Haha. I am here today to share with you my five staple pieces for the summer. Most of them are vintage but have tried to find similar items below. I encourage you to just be on the hunt for these items secondhand or locally made, the quality will be SOOO much better and that is how I found mine too!

  1. Gauze Maxi Dress - I live in this thing. No joke, it is falling apart but I love it all the more. It is SOO soft and I love pairing it with a t-shirt on top for the chillier nights.

  2. Linen Tank - This one I found vintage from FLAX, but it is so easy to throw on top of a dress or even with a pair of linen shorts.

  3. Linen Shorts - The pair I have is really old from Old Navy, but I love them. I normally buy most of my items vintage or handmade - but these are from years ago.

  4. Something Striped - For me, it is this Madewell tank I got second hand and adore it. It has these fun slits in the side, that make it nice to wear during those hot summer days.

  5. Swimsuit - It is summer, right? I may own one too many of these. But my favorites are from Naisish Handmade or Seea.

These are just a few of my favorites! What are some of yours? Would looooove to hear. xoxo

Summer Love Stories (1).png
Moriah Mattix