top 4 beach travel locations + kid-friendly

  1. Orlando/Titusville, Florida - I have been here several times and absolutely love it. It is a little quaint small town 45 minutes outside of Orlando. The beaches are gorgeous and are only about 20 minutes away from downtown Titusville. There is a beautiful bridge that goes over the sound and a playground nearby.


2. Kauai, HI - I am here once a year and spent last summer here. I absolutely love it. The “Warehouse at 3540” is a great area full of good food + makers. Baby’s beach is great for little kids because of the tide pools and there is a great playground at Poipu Beach as well.


3. Outer Banks, NC - I grew up here and absolutely love it. It is a great area that goes on for miles. You can visit Kitty Hawk, Avon, or even a little island off the coast - Ocracoke. The best places to see are Jockey’s Ridge, YMCA (for outdoor splash pad), the park right across the YMCA, and Surfin’ Spoon. The best part about these beaches is that they are so wide and easy for kids to run around.


4. Malibu, CA - I have only been here once - so my knowledge is limited. But, I absolutely loved it. The beaches + boardwalk were beautiful and seemed very family-friendly. There are a lot of cute shops I saw as well!


That is all for now! Have you all been to any of these beaches? Or have any suggestions? Aloha!! xoxo

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