Maker Edition: A Day In The Life

Hello again! I just thought I would pop in today to share with you what my days normally look like. I am always curious about what other people (especially business men/women) do on a daily basis - so I thought I would share and maybe give you a few tips or suggestions to make your days easier (business women or not). Oh, and the best tip is at the bottom - so read on!

7 am - the alarm. Let's just leave it at that. Just kidding, from about 7-8 I make coffee, clean up, have breakfast, read my Bible and spend time reflecting (this is key for me) and get ready. One really big thing for me recently is that I actually get dressed and ready to go even if I don't leave the house/studio until later that day. I find I am way more productive and driven this way. 

8 am - start working! I will usually spend about an hour on the computer doing marketing things or just catching up on social media. Sometimes, when I have a lot of work to do I go to a coffee shop (like I did today). Going someplace else besides my studio to do computer work is also another big thing for me. I feel a lot more motivated if I can't get distracted by a million things around the house. 

9 am - 3 pm - depending on the day and what I have on the agenda this is when I will sew. I try (key word: try) to take a lunch break to refresh my brain, but that doesn't always happen.

3 pm - 5 pm - this is when I run errands. Whether it be buying more paper towels or buying fabric. It is normally done here. 

6 pm - 7 pm - dinner & everything else in between (you know how life gets).)

7 pm - 8 pm - honestly, I really enjoy working out so I try and do it daily. It really takes my mind off work and seriously it feels so good after. I highly recommend this, even if it isn't every day or maybe it is just for 10 minutes. Take time to get your body moving and get your mind off of things. 

8 pm - 9 pm - sometimes I do extra work here. Like sales for my Facebook group or prepare patterns for sewing. 

9 pm - 11 pm - this is just me time. I do whatever. Normally it goes by pretty quick - but it is a great way to reflect on the day and relax.

Okay, now that you have made it to the bottom. Here is my number one tip: GET A PLANNER. I know it sounds simple, but seriously. I have an app on my phone (which I highly recommend - Plan) that I use to plan what I am going to do nearly every hour of the day. I love having it on my phone because unlike a paper planner it is really easy to move stuff around when I didn't get what I needed too. Here is what a typical week looks like (give or take):


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