how we give

Our goal at Seababy is to create original products that not only have a functional purpose, but also allow us to give back to the community and share the love of Jesus in every aspect of our business.

Seababy is a firm believer in giving. We truly do believe that giving is greater than receiving. Jesus gave us all the greatest gift, Himself. So, that is why we personally support four specific children around the world and a multitude of mothers and babies in child survival centers. Every time you purchase an item, 5% of it goes to help keep these children alive and to help them learn more about Jesus.

We support these children and babies through two non-profit organizations - Compassion and Holt International. These organizations both have similar goals to provide children with a new hope of Jesus Christ and release them from poverty. Since we are not physically able to be in these countries to share with them the love of Jesus and provide everyday living essentials, our monetary gift can provide these children a new beginning and hope for tomorrow through Jesus Christ. Through partnering with these organizations, we are able to communicate with these children via letters and build a personal relationship.

What we love about being able to support these children and mothers is the fact that your purchase is more than just a romper.  Your purchase is making a difference one piece of fabric at a time. We believe in products with a purpose and that is what we hope to accomplish through partnering with these organizations. If you have any questions at all feel free to contact me here.


Photo Credit: © 2018 Compassion International, Inc. Used by permission.